Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review: Suddenly Frugal

I was amazed at how many frugal tips I picked up while reading Suddenly Frugal: How to live a happier & healthier life for less by Leah Ingram. She starts out with a confession, frugality was forced upon her and her family after they "got in over our heads with debt and then bought more house than we could afford." The Ingrams are not alone. If you are looking to cut expenses in your life, pick up this book! Fourteen different chapters offer endless ways to cut costs, reduce waste, and improve your life. She covers lifestyle changes, transportation, heating and cooling, gardening, holidays, vacations, and more. And the writing style is crisp and easy to read.

One area I thought she could be more frugal in was clothing, specifically embracing second hand shops more. She recounts purchasing a $200 down coat, knowing it was well-made at that L.L.Bean would stand behind the purchase. As I read, I noted that she doesn't have amazing finds on the racks at St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill or Savers. I do, endless finds that put high end brands in my closet (Banana Republic suit, Anne Taylor skirts, Clark Shoes, and more).

Don't let this one comment deter you, her book is full of tips. You'll see reference to them in future posts on this web site.

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