Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Curb Find -- Perennials!

Thank you to the kind person in my neighborhood who left 5 perennials at the curb, marked FREE. Not only did he or she offer these lovely plants at no charge, they were potted and came with hand written instructions. Sadly, the rain fell before I found them. So, I planted them in an area of the yard that needs color and gets moderate light. I hope it is a good fit.

For the past week weeks I had been thinking, that spot needs some color. Previous owners had torn up the grass and done landscaping. But weeds moved in, and it was a see of green. I spent 30 minutes pulling this and that, and another 30 minutes adding these plants. I'm always amazed at how upon realizing a need or want, if I wait patiently, an amazing frugal find comes my way.

Thank you dear neighbor. I promise to pay forward the kind act!

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