Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall and Slow Cooking

We are well into fall weather, which is the perfect time to pull out your slow cooker! And if "frugal" is the season at your home, a slow cooker should not be overlooked. According to Leah Ingram in her book Suddenly Frugal, a slow cooker uses 75 watts of electricity on low or 150 watts of electricity on high to cook a meal. This fact alone should encourage your to use your slow cooker all year, especially in the hot summer months when you do not want to heat up your kitchen with the stove/oven.

But what do make in the slow cooker? Have you exhausted your recipes? I have, so I've turned to a great blog about a women who made 365 slow cooker meals. Stephanie O'dea claims to have an unnatural obsession with her slow cooker. I like that! I plan to try a recipe I found on her blog -- cauliflower curry and honey soup. Sounds perfect for the cauliflower that is still at the farmers' market stands.

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