Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frugal Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner, and stores are bursting with colorful packages of candies. Individual portions, bulging bags, and prices that cause a frugal shopper to ask "really?". This frugal shopper took an alternative route this year. Half inspired by a desire not to spend a fortune to fill a candy bowl for kids that may or may not show up, and half imposed by our recent decision to limit our 3 year old's consumption of sugar.

So, this year, I filled our candy bowl for just under $12. How? I bought 6 packs of 8-boxes of individual raisin containers. I added with 1.5 pounds of bulk caramel candies from our warehouse grocery (Woodmans). At $1.99 pound it was a steal. In the past I've always bought a few pounds of the bulk candy, far cheaper than the "special" Halloween bags that line the store aisles, but this year I opted for some healthy options. We don't have much use for lots of leftover candies, and avoiding waste is key in a frugal home.

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