Friday, October 14, 2011

Frugal Toddler Halloween Costumes

Last week I was reading a new favorite blog, Pigtail Pals, and the post posed the question of when did Halloween become about "sexy" outfits for young girls? It made me ask, when did Halloween become about spending $30 for an outfit likely to be worn once? Where is the creativity? Growing up we made outfits out of items we had around the house and supplemented with small trinkets bought at the store (I remember a hula girl outfit and a college graduate that were easy, fun, and inexpensive). This frugal mom is pulling on from her 1970s roots for costume ideas for toddlers. Here is a run down of what we've done or are doing:
  • Police officer accessory kit, $3.99 at Savers. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events. Hat, vest, and badge will make great dress up items for the year ahead [2011, 3 year old son];
  • The little devil, $0.99, red devil horns headband, new at Goodwill. Paired with black and red pants and turtle neck, it is perfect for our 14 month old daughter. And it is the only thing I can keep our her head. [2011, 14 month old daughter];
  • Bumble bee outfit, sirca 1970, found at Goodwill for $4.99 [2010, 2 year old son];
  • Cave man -- used leopard print pants, sash of leopard material, black turtle neck, and plastic bone found at Halloween supply store, cost $5 [2009 used for 15 month old son]; and
  • Pumpkin PJs, $1, church garage sale [2010 and 2008, used for both children who were about 6 months old].
Other inexpensive ideas we may pull from the in the future: static cling (where all black and safety pin on socks, fabric softener, etc.); chef using hat and apron from toy kitchen set; fortune teller using crochet hat with massive feather (actual gift that we'll never use) with a silk scarf around the neck and a pin that says "Fortunes, $1". I really like this last one for our daughter this year, but she cannot stand the hat and adores the devil horns.

There you have it, a bit of creativity, a few dollars, and you've got Halloween. Why spend $29.99 at a box store when you can get something unique for less. Easier on the wallet, easier on the planet, and a great way to show kids creativity.

Please share other homemade ideas for toddlers by posting a comment!

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