Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TLC for the Furnace

It's October in Wisconsin. That means we'll get a few days of lovely days, highs in or near the 70s. At night, the temperatures begin to creep south, just like the birds. Soon it will be November. Gray skies, harsh winds, flurries....and that means we'll need the furnace. But, before winter arrives on our door step we are taking steps to make sure the furnace will be up for another Wisconsin winter.

I highly recommend you give your furnace some TLC once a year. We did this week, using a half-off coupon from the Bucky Book. Our hope is to make sure the furnace is running and working well, making it more efficient, and less costly. Also, we know that it is at the end of its life span (we bought the house last November) and want some idea on when we might need to go shopping for a new one. Advance notice is always a good idea.

So, tend to your furnace before the snow flies. It will be more efficient, more reliable, and save resources in the long run. Don't forget to track down coupons for this service, you'll find them in fliers this time of year!

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