Thursday, October 13, 2011

To Be Frugal Is To Calculate

Eggs -- they always seem to be on my mind. I'm either cooking them for breakfast (we eat them scrambled, in sandwiches or mixed into buckwheat pancakes), putting them on my shopping list, or seeking out the best price. We've settled into a brand we like; Phil's Fresh Eggs. They treat their hens humanly and use quality feed. No they are not organic and they are not "local", but they are $2.19 a dozen at Woodmans. When you go through 4 to 5 dozen eggs a week, buying organic from a local farmer add ups quickly.

However, price is not the only important thing when buying eggs. Counting the number of usable eggs is key. Sadly, it seems that every carton of eggs purchased at Woodmans has at least one egg that is cracked on the bottom and sticks in the carton. Last week one carton had 4 such eggs. Hmmm, is this really a bargain on this brand?

The next best price is Sentry, which charges $2.79 per carton. Thanks to the human calculator I married, we quickly determined (while sitting outside in our yard) that if 3 or more eggs were broken, then Sentry was the best buy (see math below). Factor in the drive to Woodmans and time spent in this mega warehouse store, and it became clear that paying a bit more was worth it. So, tonight after meeting clients (I'm an estate planning attorney when I'm not blogging or parenting) I'm going to walk to Sentry, located next to my office, and pick up some eggs for the rest of the week.

To be frugal is to always wonder -- is this the best price?

[Math used: 2.19 / 12 = .18 cents per egg; 2.79-2.19 = .60 cents / .60/.18 = 3.3 eggs]

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