Monday, October 17, 2011

Weather Proofing For the Frugal

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of being in our home. Translated that means we have 98 percent of the boxes unpacked, major repairs completed, and a "to-do" list that has been misplaced. One of the remaining items on the list was "replace basement door". We have a walk out basement, and the door appears to be original. Dating back nearly 50 years it is cute, but inefficient. It is also no longer standard size. We've been told it will cost between $500 and $1,000 to replace. But, it sill works, so it hasn't been a priority. However, with winter fast approaching my mind goes to the gaps the door allows. I want my house warm, not the backyard. I'd also like to fully research options for replacing the door and don't want to be rushed. So, what to do in the meantime?

Last weekend I stopped at our neighborhood hardware store, Ace at Hilldale. Rewards coupon of $5 in hand I went to the register and inquired about weather stripping. "Aisle 27, we'll have someone meet you" was their reply. Within a minute I was standing in front of quite the variety of weatherproofing supplies. I located some foam stripping with adhesive on the back and the packaged claimed it would cover one standard door. Price, $5.49. Since my door is smaller than the current standard door, I felt confident one pack would do the job. At the register I presented my rewards card, the package, and my coupon. The total out of pocket came to $0.52! I was done in under 5 minutes, and this was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon (with no Packers playing at the moment).

We are a frugal family, but that does not mean we shop at the big box retailers on the edge of town. We tried it when we first bought this house but found them impractical. It was hard to find anyone to help. It required a drive there and back, double it if you have a return. And the savings were never that great, especially on single items.

I'm hoping that my $0.52 weather stripping will save us some dollars on heating costs. And next Spring I'll be pricing a new, energy efficient door! Now I just need to put the weather stripping on the door....where is that "to do" list?

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