Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$15 Target Coupon

I am one of those shoppers that reads the coupons that spit out when the cashier is finishing up with you. You know, the ones that he or she hands you along with your receipt. Last month I was handed one for the Target Pharmacy; $15 gift card for a new or transferred prescription. I was giddy because a $15 gift card is a nice find! I tucked it into my coupon envelope, which is stored in my wallet, ever ready when I'm at a point of purchase.

Remembering the coupon at my annual doctor's visit, I had the doctor send my asthma inhaler prescription to the Target near our home instead of Walgreens, which I've used for decades. We really maxed out our savings because my husband took his evening run and went to Target. He paid for the $16 prescription, got the $15 gift card, and used no petroleum (unless you factor in that he eats more when he runs). The gift card was redeemed on my weekly run to Target. It, combined with the 5% off we get from using the Target debit card, other coupons, and bringing our own bags (5 cent savings each) dropped the bill from $70 to $40!

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