Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate Veterans Day, Frugal Style

It's November 11th, and that means it is Veteran's Day. If you have the day off, consider the following inexpensive ways to commemorate this day:
  • attend a parade;
  • visit a military cemetery;
  • tour a veteran's museum; or
  • spend time with a veteran you love.
If you live in or around Madison, Wisconsin, you can visit the Veteran's Museum, which offers free admission. If you are not in the area, simply enter your city, state, veterans day 2011 into Google and see what type of events pop up.

I am fortunate enough to still have my grandfather, a WWII vet (and purple heart recipient) in my life. In addition to the card I've put in the mail to him, I hope to plan a visit with my two young children. I know that he does not like to talk about his time in the service, so I plan to ask my grandmother (who is still going strong at age 90) to tell me about Victory Gardens that were so common during WWII.

How about you? Any other frugal thoughts for this holiday?

My grandparents, aged 90, still able to enjoy the rough and tumble ways of a toddler....specifically
their great-granddaughter (that's my girl).

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