Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Tax Information and the IRS

Free is a word most people love, the IRS is not usually in their list of top 100. However, I recently came across a great resource -- IRS Publication 910. It is a guide to free tax services. It contains a complete list of free publications, an index of tax topics, and information on tax education and assistance programs. The link I have provided is for 2010, which is the one on the agency's web site. Sometimes free means a little outdated. However, it still seems to have some useful and easy to access information. I'll post an update if I see a revised publication appear on the agency's web site.

Apparently the IRS is embracing social media to distribute information, and have videos on YouTube and a feed on Twitter. I did not see a Facebook Page....which probably would not have too many "likes".

Who should check out this resource? I'd recommend it for the following:
  • small business owners;
  • employers;
  • low-income families;
  • recent retirees;
  • do-it-yourselvers of tax forms.

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