Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frugal and Cell Phones

My three year old poses the most interesting questions at times. Recently he asked "Mom, why doesn't your phone have visuals like Baba's?" And there you have it. The secret is out. I am one of the few people left with a cell phone that does not have internet capability. I joke and call my phone the "negative G" phone. My husband, the technical expert, corrects me and says "you have a 2G phone with no data service".

When you are frugal you most likely do not have the latest and greatest phone, or anything for that matter. Even my husband, who does have a 3G phone (with visuals) is frugal. Here is a guy who literally knows how to design the circuit boards in cell phones. To say he adores technology is an understatement. Yet he waited until 2010 to purchase one. When he did, he got a mid-grade phone with excellent reviews. His cost a fraction of what most people paid.

So, why don't I have a better phone? One, I don't have a lot of free time. To purchase one will require some consumer research. Then I'll have to invest time in figuring out how to use the dang thing. Time is precious in my life. Second, I don't need one because my current phone still works just fine. Might I want a slick state of the art phone? Yes, at times. But I'd also like to fly to Paris every Spring. We can't have everything we want. Knowing that and living by that make me frugal. I am always amazed to see how many stay-at-home parents I meet who complain about living on a tight income, not being able to save for college, and then take a call on a 3G phone. That puzzles me beyond words.

So, if you want to be frugal I challenge you the next time you are prompted to up-grade to take a deep breath, wait and then continue to wait. Sure, you may not have an amazing phone. But you'll have some extra money to stash away....for a kid's college fund or a trip to Paris in the Spring.

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