Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frugal and Thrift Stores

Every few days it seems that something comes to mind that we need in our house. A new grader for the kitchen. The zipper in my wallet broke, time for a new one. A wall rack for coats would be a great addition to our daughter's room. As each item comes to mind I write it on a list. The list entitled "2nd Hand Store". About once a month I leave the kids at home with my husband and hit one or two 2thrift Stores, with list in hand.

This past month I was delighted at my finds. All of the above items were acquired, and for pennies compared to what I would have paid retail. I found a "new" wallet at St. Vincent de Pauls. It was priced at $1.25, but was 50% off the day I happened into the store. My kitchen grater is about to break, and has been replaced with a much sturdier version, found at Savers for $0.99. And our daughter now has a cool coat rack adorned with the moon and stars, for $2.99

I have to give a special shout out to Savers this month. At the check out they asked if I had any coupons. "No, how do I get some in the future?" The clerk said when you donate they give you one. When she heard I have donated, but never received one, she happily pulled one out of a stack and gave me 20% off my entire purchase. Then she handed me the coupon which is good until the end of the year. I've always liked Savers, but more so now than ever.

As we head into a highly commercialized time of year I encourage you to consider thrift stores. They'll save you money, give new life to products, and support local charities. How much more can you ask?

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