Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laptop Serves Double Duty -- No DVD or DVR In Our Home

Close friends know that television viewing is not a common occurrence in our home. However, there are times when we do opt to watch a DVD. This is not done with a DVD or DVR machine. Until two years ago we did not even have a TV in the house. When we put in a DVD it is on a laptop computer. If you are looking to save space, save money, and save on technology production, I recommend this approach. Especially since DVDs are moving towards the fade of dinosaurs, don't waste money on this soon-to-be obsolete technology.

One possible draw back is if you put a DVD on for a child, you won't be able to check email or do any of the zillion other daily tasks you use the computer for while the show is playing. Then again, it underscores the importance of sitting and watching a show with your child. It forces togetherness, which is a lovely way to spend time on a cold winter afternoon.

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