Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Farmers' Market of the Season

Saturday morning I made a solo trip to the Westside Farmers' Market, the last for the season. As I walked among the vendors I heard over and over "have a great winter", "see you in April", and "I plan to hibernate for the next 5 months". Yes, it is early November in Wisconsin and the growing season has come to an end.

This weekend I roasted the last of the pie pumpkins, and will enjoy the tender super food for the next 11 months via pumpkin bread and pie. I also picked up a huge, dried sunflower ($3) and a few gords (4 for $1) to feed the birds and squirrels over the winter. Cheap entertainment for the kids, cats, and me.

Now that the market is behind us it is time to dive into the frozen goodness I have stashed away in the garage freezer. I think I'll start pulling out items from this Spring over the Thanksgiving weekend. How about you? How long do you wait to tap into your winter stash?

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