Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25, 2011 - Buy Nothing Day!

Yes, a holiday a frugal person can really get behind....Buy Nothing Day. Started by an artist in Vancouver back in 1992, it is a day of protest against mindless consumption. If you are looking to put the "green" back in Christmas or keep "green" in your wallet this holiday season, consider joining me on this day of anti-consumption.

One way to embrace the holiday is to take the pledge at The Center for a New American Dream to simplify the holidays. It is a great way to challenge yourself to do 5 things different this holiday season, and all of them are frugal! I took it this year and it inspired me to make an extra effort to use environmentally friendly decorations this year. We moved into our home last year and have not really set any standards for holiday decor, especially on the outside. With small kids I want to do something festive. But that something needs to be festive and "green".

Another way to celebrate is to embrace nature and not the mall. Last year a friend specifically set out to enjoy a State park here in Wisconsin rather than use the day to purchase holiday items. Hearing about her day, exploring nature and all its glory has motivated me to do the same with our family this year. Not that we were ever big shoppers to begin it will be easier for us than others.

How about you my frugal friends? How are you spending this "Black Friday?"

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