Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reducing Repair and Replace Costs -- Everything Has a Home

Do you have an absent minded professor type in your life? If so, you probably also have a budget line (assuming you use a budget) devoted to repair and replace. If your absent minded professor type is like mine, the bulk of those budget items fall into "replace". I have lost count of how many times my husband, aka the absent minded professor (engineer actually) has misplaced his cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, bike (yes, he left it at the store once), and various clothing items. He is so used to loosing things that after 20 minutes of searching he declares "search and recovery is over", fires up his computer and orders a new one of whatever is missing. And yes, you've guessed it, within 36 hours the lost forever item is found, usually by me. Yet, a box still arrives via UPS with the replacement item. In an effort to get this budget line item under control I am in the process of finding a home for everything in our home.

Photo of said absent minded engineer, taken in 2009, with our son at his 1st Ham Radio festival. Note, our son is NOT absent minded and commonly reminds his dad not to forget his keys, coffee cup or phone.

This is not an easy task, but one I am embarking on nonetheless. For example:
  • shoes go in the hanging shoe holder in the front closet;
  • hats are put in the wicker basket in the front closet;
  • bike and bike accessories along the north wall of the garage;
  • assorted electronic gadgets in the living room armoir that hides the TV;
  • cell phones next to its respective charger; and
  • the key box by the front door.
Please offer tips or suggestions on helping me in my quest to reduce repair and replace expenses! And an aside offered by the absent minded engineer "if we had anything or real value, we would not be posting its exact location on the world wide web -- please note for any would-be thieves."

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