Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frugal Coffee Pot

When you live in the upper midwest, have your own business as does your spouse, and two children in diapers...well, coffee is your friend.  Your BEST friend.  I've been a coffee fan for nearly 15 years, so my addiction pre-dates my business and motherhood.

I've also been frugal for several decades, and that extended to my coffee pot purchases.  Prior to saying "I do", my coffee pots were the standard $19.99 Mr. Coffee versions you could find at Walgreens.  I thought it was a great way to save money. The only problem was that they would break after 9 months, maybe a year.  This was even more pronounced if I tried to clean them with vinegar.

Then I met my husband.  It was Christmas 2005.  We were newly engaged and celebrating the winter holidays with his family.  Our gift was a Cuisinart Coffee pot.  Price tag, $100.  I was shocked to own such a "high end" kitchen item.

That shock has given way to awe.  We still have that same coffee pot.  Six years later, it is used once if not twice a day....every day.  Once a month we run a 1/4 vinegar 3/4 water mixture through to clear out mineral deposits.

The lesson I learned was that spending $100 for an item that will last 6 six years and counting is less expensive than the cheap option.  Not only am I no longer spending money once a year, I no longer have to shop once a year.  Or go a morning without my coffee.  To be frugal does not translate into being cheap.

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