Friday, December 16, 2011

Frugal Holiday Cards

For three of my four years of undergrad, I worked for a chain of Hallmark stores to put myself through school. Ever since, I have had a strong fondness for greeting cards -- especially holiday cards.

This year we are trying a new approach to holiday greetings -- a frugal one. We are making our own cards. At least we are making some of our own cards. When the primary artist is a 3 year old, production cannot be guaranteed. So, each afternoon he is tackling a few cards. The gap will be filled by ordering some photo cards from Woodmans (a local warehouse grocery store). The cost per card is $0.30 -- a very low price.

To make our own cards I went to a local craft store and bought two packs of blank greeting cards (70 in total), envelopes included. I also picked up some holiday stickers, rubber stamps, ink, and acrylic paint. The total cost was $34.00. Combined with craft supplies we already have, my son (aka artist in residence) is well equipped to unleash his creativity.

My frugality went into overdrive as we set up for the first time. I now have a new use for the leftover baby food jars. The jar itself is the right size for water to clean the brushes. And the lids are ideal for holding small amounts of paint.

The end product so far has been very creative and fun, for mom and son. I look forward to my daughter joining the effort next year. He contribution has been somewhat limited because she prefers to chew the crayon rather than color. Paint brushes are not even an option at this point!

These cards are adorned with towel paper used to clean paint brushes, fastened with snowflake stickers. No waste at this craft table!

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