Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Google Docs Rocks!

Last week I gave a webinar about how non-profits can make charitable giving easier for members (when not blogging about living frugally or parenting, I am an estate planning and probate attorney).  The hosting organization asked me to provide a "power point".  Hmmmm, I do lots of seminars, but never use Power Point or any slides (called foils these days).  Instead I have hand out and simply talk with the audience.  But, this was via the web with people from all of the country.  A presentation format was needed.

My husband, a tech aficionado, recommended I look into Google Docs. I did and I was amazed.  The software was free, easy to use, and contained a pool from which to select images.  It came together amazingly fast.  I will certainly use it again.

One downside was that it was on the cloud, and when my internet connection suffered a meltdown at the beginning of my presentation, my slides went with it.  Thankfully I had saved them as a PDF and sent the to the coordinator.  All in all I was happy with the program, and delighted I didn't have to buy Power Point.  If you give presentations, Google Docs is worth a closer look.

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