Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Tears Over Broken Dish

First I heard the crash, and then I heard the scurrying.  My husband, in an attempt to kick start his day with a cup of coffee had instead dropped the coffee mug.  The spill was minimal, but the mug handle broke off.  Immediately he said "oh dear, I hope this isn't an expensive cup to replace?"  Apparently he had forgotten who he had married.

To give you a bit more context, my husband grew up in a home that prized very expensive items.  From wall hangings, to silverware, to vehicles.  They always bought the best.  And when you only buy the best, it is a problem when an item breaks.  It also creates a low level of anxiety about not damaging an item.

I on the other hand never buy the best.  I am frugal.  That means I seek out good quality for a decent price.  I am also realistic.  We share our home with two children, ages 3 and 1, and two cats.  Things break.  Things get beat on.  Why have a home filled with pricey items no one can touch?  I keep this in mind when making purchases.  We have items that are lovely to us, but you don't break the bank when they break.

With a puzzled smile I asked him, "seriously, do you think a broken cup is a problem?".  I reminded him that I bought the set of dishes shortly after we were married.  They are white with red trim.  That makes it very easy to add replacement items and add to the collection.  White and red, easy!

So, the mug was tossed.  I think it is the second or third to break.  Time for me to add "white and or red" coffee mug to my list of items to keep an eye out for.  I carry it with me on my monthly treks to second hand stores or while scanning clearance at the few stores I frequent for daily purchases.

And that is one upside to frugal living....little or no stress to maintain or replace items.

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