Monday, December 26, 2011

Putting The Green Back in Christmas

Reading the letters that arrived in this years holiday cards, I came across a lovely and frugal story.  One family that we know decided to wait until December to cut down a blue spruce in their yard.  The tree had become over grown and was blocking a window.  Once it was cut down, the top was used as the family's Christmas Tree.  Now that is really cutting down your tree.  No selecting one from the lot at the corner store.  No tramping through the manicured fields of a Christmas Tree Farm.  This tree literally came from their suburban yard.  I love it!

Our family was not nearly as creative, but we did try and maximize holiday related items:

  • envelopes from holiday cards were cut up and put in the scrap paper pile;
  • holiday cards will be tucked away for next year's winter craft box; and
  • the wreaths and garland that hang outside will be put beneath the bird feeders in late January. They will provide shelter for the winter, and in spring will be tossed in the compost pile.  For those who opt for a live Christmas tree, this is a great post-holiday use.
How about you?  What holiday tips did you come up with this year to make it a "greener" holiday for the earth, your wallet, and or your health?

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