Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toddler Home Haircut, Take 2

A few weeks ago my son, who is 3, decided that it was an okay time to make a trip to Cost Cutters for a trim. He had been holding off because he wanted his hair to grow long like Mama's. After outfitting two kids (one 3, the other 1) for an outdoor trip we arrived at the store down the road. Upon entering we were told there was a 20 minute wait...even though there was no one else waiting. Apparently Cost Cutters, at least this location, prefers call-in appointments. In the past it had always been a walk-in for us. Waiting 20 minutes with my two kids in a warm store was not an option. We buckled back into car seats and moved on with our day; a lovely walk along the lakeshore path. And decided, enough is enough, I am going to cut my son's hair at home!

I already cut my husband's hair, so it was time for me to master a toddler cut. Motivated less by money (approximately $150 a year) and more by convenience, it was time. Then we waited. My son was again resistant to a cut. I've learned not to push an agenda, we'll just end up in a tug-of-war. Then this weekend, in the middle of a Packer game, he decided, sure, Mama can cut my hair.

Again, my do-it-yourselfer turned to Google. There I found a YouTube video on home hair cuts for toddler boys. Nothing other than the fact it was the first at the top of my Google search makes it special. I watched it (approximately 3 minutes) and went into action.

Scissors, comb, water, towel, computer set to Amazon Prime for an episode of Dinosaur Train, a treat of roasted soy nuts (not the lollipop that video lady recommends) and we were set. Ten minutes later his hair was trimmed. Would I win hairstylist of the year award for this cut? Probably not, but calling Fords Modeling agency is not on my to-do list. It works, it is function, no fits were thrown. That is a success in my book.

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