Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Liquid Syringe from Target

As a parent of a teething toddler, I love the invention of Ibuprofen.  Actually, I love the fact that Target makes an off brand of the drug and sells it for half the price.  We opt to use the liquid version rather than the infant.  The infant formula is more concentrated, so a smaller amount goes farther.  But it also costs more.  So we use the liquid and need a syringe.  After several months of dosing several times a day the markings had worn off the  syringe.  It was one I had purchased at a pharmacy, paying something like $2 or $3.  We now have two new syringes and paid nothing for them. They were handed out for free by the pharmacy at Target.  Oh how I love Target these days.  So, if you have little kids, pets, or any other situation that calls for 10 ML or less, I encourage you to ask a pharmacy for a free syringe rather than paying for one.  Free, my favorite four letter word.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Melinda. I notice that you often write about how great Target is because shopping there saves you a lot of money. I have a hard time getting behind all the Target hype because it is my belief that while Target and other big box stores may offer inexpensive goods, they do so at a cost to society - stifling local economies, making large contributions to candidates that prioritize corporate values over what is best to the middle class, making mediocre-at-best environmental choices, and encouraging increased consumerism. How can we balance our desire to save money with our desire to avoid supporting the Big Boxes?

    Disclaimer: I often shop at Target.

  2. Great question Elizabeth. I will use it as the base for a future post. In brief, I think you need to control how you use Big Box stores and not let them control you. I know they are trying to sell me everything under the sun, but I am not one for "retail therapy". A very small percentage of our annual purchases come from Target. And the store we frequent is located in an urban area, less than a mile from our home. Watch for more thoughts in the next week or so.