Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frugal Swiffer Inspiration

It's 2012 and I am focusing on reduction, reuse, and recycle.  Towards the end of last year I received a message from a middle and high school classmate who reads my blog.  She thought I might be able to work the following post into my blog.  Thanks -- I really appreciate suggestions from readers.  While I do not use Swiffer products in my home, I really love the savvy behind LittleHouseInTheSubburbs.  If you use a Swiffer, check out her post for ways to make your own pads and solution.

My floor cleaning arsenal consists of a broom, dust pan, and a shop vac for heavy duty cleanings.  I've found the spritzing the broom with a bit of cleaner or water helps grab the dust bunnies the travel across our hardwood floors.  Very simple -- that is my motto.  

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