Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hidden Cost of On-Line Coupons

I'm a skeptic about coupons.  There is a reason manufactures hand them out; they get you to spend money.  Now that does not mean I avoid coupons, I just don't think couponing as it is now called is that wise.  My husband recently shared an article with me from, Printing Coupons Can Waste Money.  If you print out a lot of on-line coupons, read this article.  Why?  Companies have brilliantly shifted the costing of printing those coupons to the consumer.  Quick -- how much does it cost to print one sheet of paper on your computer?  No idea?  Do you print colored coupons too?  Any idea what that costs?  Depending on the printer and required ink, it could be as high as 0.10 cents a page.  And if you don't use the coupon, then it is a pure waste of time, money and resources.

Coupons -- make sure you use them wisely instead of being used by them to increase profits.

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