Friday, February 24, 2012

Embracing Almond Milk

Several months ago, in an effort to limit our son's sugar consumption in the hopes it would help him feel better we discovered he had an intolerance to cows milk.  The ah-ha moment happened when 4 days after stopping cows milk, which is rather high in sugar, we noticed that the severe cradle cap that had plagued him for 3 years was gone.  Almost overnight.  Ahhh -- no more milk.  But calcium is still important, and so is something tasty to drink.  We turned to organic almond milk.  The price is a little under $3 for a half-gallon -- less expensive than organic cows milk.

I too have been working to keep my sugar intake low.  Milk is something I adore (I am a Wisconsin native after all) and sneak into my food whenever possible.  I kept telling myself to try the almond milk instead.  I know I should, but I just hadn't changed my ways.  And then I was flipping through a library book on Cows, and had my ah-ha moment.  According to Cows: A Closer Look by photographer Paul Thoresen (whom I know from a photography group I used to frequent before marriage and parenthood), the following is required to yield 6.3 gallons (or 54 pounds) of cows milk:  100 pounds of food and 417 pounds of water each day, per cow.  Resulting in the elimination of 65 pounds of manure.

Wow - that is a lot of resources for a relatively small amount of cows milk.  I am now sneaking almond milk into my diet.  I'll probably never give up cows milk all together, but I can reduce my consumption.  With that comes a slightly lower grocery bill, lower daily sugar consumption, and a slightly smaller carbon footprint.

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