Monday, February 20, 2012

Freezer Report

It's Monday, and that means time for me to report on my efforts to use up the goodies frozen from last season's farmers' markets.  This past week those efforts were sidetracked a bit by my 3.5 year old first bout with a "stomach bug".  Needless to say, bland foods dominated our diet. Bread, banana, rice, crackers.  However, I did try out one new recipe for Cranberry Almond bars.  Wonderful!  I used ground almonds instead of slivered.  In the next week or two I plan to give Cranberry Chicken a try, which was recommended by a reader.  Even the leftovers could be turned into chicken walnut salad...just chop, add walnuts and mayo.

This past week also brought a frozen pack of eggplant and cauliflower.  And once again, I turned them into a beef, eggplant, cauliflower curry.  The twist was using my crockpot.  I put the beef (cubed for stew) in in the morning with the curry paste.  At noon I added the pack of frozen veggies.  Curry is never usually to hard, but this was by far the easiest Indian dinner I ever made.  And it will be repeated this next week.

And I could use ideas for the bag of sour cherries that came with this week's draw.  As a reminder, low GI recipes are ideal as I am attempting to follow a diabetic diet.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comments.

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