Monday, February 13, 2012

Freezer Update -- Delicious Meals from Frozen Farmers' Market Finds

Last week I shared with you my freezer troubles.  I have a chest freezer, full of delightful farmers' market veggies.....and I am not using it up fast enough.  Spring is around the corner, and that freezer is 2/3s full.

After my post I had an idea.  Grab 4 or 5 bags of frozen items and put them in my kitchen freezer, making it easier to incorporate the food into our meals.  This method seems to be working.  My first grab yielded eggplant, pureed broccoli, cranberries, and shredded zucchini.  All but the cranberries have been used.

The eggplant was combined with diced beef and mushrooms for an Indian curry.  The shredded zucchini turned into zucchini bread.  And the pureed broccoli made an excellent crust-less quiche.  The cranberries still linger.  Muffins are an option, but I'm hoping to find some other recipes....I froze a lot of cranberries.  Suggestions anyone?

I'm ready to grab another couple of packages....and will report back on my progress.  I will leave you with my recipe for crust-less quiche:

  • 9 inch quiche dish;
  • spread purred broccoli, diced green onions, and a sprinkling of wheat germ on the bottom;
  • toss on a hand full or two of shredded cheese;
  • mix 5 eggs, salt and pepper and any other spice you enjoy;
  • pour egg mixture on top;
  • bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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  1. I've made some yummy cranberry chicken before. And there's this - never made it, but it looks good: