Monday, February 6, 2012

Frugal Scrambled Eggs A.K.A. Depression Era Eggs

Do you have one women who stands out at the matriarch of your family?  I do.  Her name was Fannie Lamb, my great-grandmother.  She was such a loving and strong force in my life, I even named my daughter after her.  Well technically my daughter is named after my great-grandmother's mother.  While I adored my great-grandmother (who passed away when I was in college), her name offered slim pickings.  In addition to naming my daughter in her honor, I still prepare scrambled eggs in the same method she taught me.

I was probably no more than eight years old.  Perched on a stool in her kitchen with a black and white checkered floor.  At her side, next to the stove, she told me to add a bit of water when making scrambled eggs. "They'll be fluffier" she pointed out.  Years later, recounting this conversation to my grandmother (her daughter-in-law) she doubted them "depression era eggs" because my great-grandmother was know to stretch a penny in the kitchen.

So, my advice to frugal readers.  When making scrambled eggs crack them into the bowl.  Add water, vary the amount depending on the number of eggs.  I use about 1/4 cup for 6 eggs.  Mix and then pour into a hot pan.  You will have fluffy eggs, and you'll have stretched the dollar in your kitchen.

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