Friday, February 17, 2012

Give Your Trash a Second Life....Donate

My new years resolution was to focus on reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I have to admit, I can not easily look at an item that is headed for the trash and see alternative uses for it.  Found art is a gift, one I do not have.  Yet, I have a brown paper grocery bag in my garage that receives the paper towel tubes, egg cartons, and rubber bands from produce that I would otherwise toss in the trash.  Why a bag?  Because once it is full I will drop it off at my church, where the items will be transformed into art as part of the children's religious education program.  The things those teachers can do with cardboard amazes me!

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So, if you are looking to reduce your footprint and help out a local organization, I suggest you do the same.  Whether it is a church, library, nursery school, or community center -- all of them would be delighted to receive FREE supplies for craft programs.

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