Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inexpensive Home Decor

It has been over a year since we moved into our home, and I am still working at putting items up on the walls.  Home decor is not my strong suit, and between running a legal practice and parenting two children in diapers, it is not a priority for me.  Plus, I hate spending money on decorations.  That is unless I can find frugal decorations.  And recently I did just that.

Around the holidays my mother brought over some items that had belonged to my grandmother and great-grandmother.  Included was a pristine needlepoint, stitched in Swedish.  The green, gold, and cream complimented a hanging quilt I already had on the wall  The quilt was made by an Aunt of mine who has since passed on.  I knew the two would work wonderfully together, and I set out a plan to have the needlepoint properly displayed.

A few weeks ago I took it along with a coupon to a frame shop when the frames were also 60% off.  I spent $125, but now have a family heirloom gracing my wall.  The actual cost of the item, especially when factoring in time NOT spent shopping for something to hang on the wall, was relatively inexpensive.  And it is a piece that I one day hope to pass on to one of my children (if they want it).

Even if you do not have creative relatives in your family tree, inexpensive and unique items can be found at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and street artists.  Whether it is the store down the road of the stand you pass while traveling, it pays to keep an eye out for some to decorate your home with.  How about you, what is your favorite frugal decorating find?

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