Friday, February 3, 2012

Patience and Frugality

Those who know me well will agree that I have an impulsive side.  However, to be frugal, I have found that patience is key.  Avoid impulse buys, and you'll save money.  In fact, you may end up getting what you want and not spending a cent.  

Once again a few items have found there way to our home, and I didn't spend a penny.  My list of items to look for during my monthly thrift store excursion included: hand juicer, frying pan, DVD player.  Yes there are more, but all three of these were on the list.  And when my 90 year old grandparents sold their home, where they'd lived for nearly 40 years, they had stuff they didn't need.  Included were a DVD player, new frying pan, and a hand juicer.  Yes, all three just because I didn't get around to purchasing them first.  Some bonus items included  a meat grinder that belonged to my great-grandmother (meaning it is over 100 years old, and it still works), some serving spoons, and a wooden car for the kids.

Thanks universe for the generosity.  Now it is my turn to pay it forward.  I am putting together a bag of baby items to pass on to a family member who will be welcoming a baby at the end of March.  Hopefully they will be able to put to use items we no longer need.  

What's your story on the benefit of avoiding an impulse buy and saving money?

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