Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thinking About Compost

February is usually a bitter cold month here in Wisconsin.  If the skies are blue that means the days will be even colder....clouds would keep in the "warmth".  But not this year.  Our winter has felt like one big long March.  And Spring thoughts are on my mind as well as those of other Wisconsinites.  And at the top of my Spring To-Do list is "fix up the compost site".

After moving into our home in 2010 I had originally set up two black trash bins to hold the compost.  We eat a lot, and I mean a lot of veggies in our house.  It was clear they were not large enough.  I dumped them both and started an open-air pile instead.  All went well until my neighbor complained.  She claimed that my pile was attracting mosquitoes and critters to the neighborhood.  Which puzzled me because she has a koi pond in her backyard.  Standing water with carp versus banana peels and apple cores, something tells me her yard is more of the problem than mine.  She asked me to move it to another corner of my yard, but my two pines rule out two corners, and the other is too shady.  The pile is going to stay where it is, and I need tips on making it more neighbor friendly.

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The internet is full of compost sites.  But I could read and read forever.  I need tips the old fashioned way, from friends.  Or readers.  I received one from a client that seems ideal.  Add Farmer's lime to the pile.  It will eliminate any smell, and turn my yard green.

How about you dear reader, what compost advice can you send my way.  The calendar may say February, but it feels like Spring and I want to empty my "frozen" compost that has been building up all winter.

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