Friday, March 2, 2012

Coupon Give Away -- $10 for Target

Does a coupon for $10 at Target, if you fill a new prescription or transfer an existing one to their pharmacy, sound nice?  If so, I have three sitting on my counter.  All expire on March 19th.  Combine that with a bit of writer's block, and you have today's post.

I am not going to use those coupons, and I could use some suggestions for Frugal Upside materials.  So, for those who post a comment on this blog in the next 48 hours, and in that comment you ask my frugal advice on a problem or inspire a post in any other way, I will give you a coupon.  There are three to hand out!

So, start posting those comments.  Post this post on other discussion boards where people might like a chance to win a $10 coupon -- or all three if they are inspiring.

If I use your comment, I will ask you to send me your mailing address and I'll put the coupon in the mail ASAP.

Oh, and here is a link to a nice piece on the danger of coupons -- they can save you money, but are also the source of many impulse buys.

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