Thursday, March 22, 2012

Throwing A Successful Garage Sale

Being frugally minded, I love extending the use out of items.  And this includes turning "junk" into cash.  I am happy to clear the clutter out of my home, to see an item find a new keeper, and have some cold hard cash to put towards our savings goals.  Of late I have been focused on using Ebay and Craigslit; they simply fit better with the rhythm of our life.  But, a garage sale is in the near future.  Here are my thoughts on how to make it a successful one:

  • Schedule the sale for the same weekend as your "neighborhood sale" -- this will increase potential buyers in the area;
  • Combine your items with friends and family -- if there is a lot of stuff, it will catch the eye of bargain hunters;
  • Be Type A about your display -- group like items together, hang clothing, set up the furniture in a way that is inviting, etc.;
  • Make sure that you don't have to pay for child care while you are at the sale.  Paying a sitter will eat into your profit;
  • After the clock hits Noon, put up a sign that everything is 1/2 Off;
  • Offer baked goods and beverages for sale....even bottled water (price it so you make a small profit);
  • Have small bills, change, and batteries on hand for shoppers;
  • Save your precious time and use a colored dot system for pricing -- blue is $1, red is $2, etc.  Have this clearly on display at the register and entrance as well as the tables;
  • Have good signage, use balloons and other things to attract attention (just be certain not to block the view for traffic); and
  • Be willing to haggle on price.  
Please share your stories, both positive and negative about sales.  I plan to have one next year, and am already putting things in place in my mind.

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