Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I've Been Reading: The Edible Garden

Spring has arrived early here in Wisconsin, and I find myself with several "garden" books that I checked out from the library to read over the winter.  My books lasted longer than winter, and now I am scrambling a bit!  So, I am trying to pick up the pace.  This past week I looked through The Edible Garden: How to have your garden and eat it by Alys Fowler.

I say I "looked through" it because it is one densely packed book.  And an intimidating one.  The women's garden is amazing.  She also must live in San Francisco or some milder climate.  I didn't have the time to look for those little details.  If you are just beginning to dapple in gardening, as I am, this is probably not the book to start with unless you have lots of time.  I mean lots of time.

I was inspired to plant potatoes however.  Reading the passage on pages 95 and 96 I remembered how I heard of other families who used a plastic kids pool as a planter.  The pictures showing amazing plants.  And the idea of letting my two little kids dig through the dirt in search of dinner is perfect.  The hard part will be preventing them from digging to early.

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