Monday, April 30, 2012

Freezer Report: Putting Away Rhubarb

The farmers' market selections this past weekend were a little light.  Asparagus was on sale in abundance, but I maxed out our winter needs last weekend, not knowing if we'd see it again.  So, I picked up a large bunch of rhubarb.  Cleaned, chopped, and stored in freezer bags of 1 cup servings, it is this weeks offering to the chest freezer.  Combined with strawberries, it will make a lovely cobbler this fall and winter.  If anyone has suggestions for turning it into a jam or relish, please share!

And thanks to a loyal reader who recommended writing on the top of the chest freezer with a dry erase marker; a very easy way to control inventory.  I might give it a try, and hope that I'll keep myself (and spouse) for piling items on the top. Flat surfaces attract clutter so easily.

How about you -- have you started storing nature's bounty for the winter season?

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