Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frugal Lady Gaga

If asked to name one song of Lady Gaga's, I would be unable to answer.  My life is consumed by raising two small children, maintaining a marriage, handling the legal needs of my clients, and working in a work out when I have the time and energy.  Pop music doesn't make the cut.  In ten years when my kids are older I am certain I'll be more informed.

Thanks to Google alerts on frugality I recently learned that Lady Gaga and I have something in common; people call us "stingy".  This is a very short article, and I find it shocking.  A 26 year old women spends the bulk of her money on making her performances (a.k.a business) better.  She avoids spending lavishly on herself, even living in the same London flat she bought prior to hitting the big time.  Yet, the tone of the article is that she is crazy.  To the contrary, this is one smart Lady.  And I would bet money that she'll make even more in the years ahead.   Why?  The money she does spend is on making her performances better, from which more money will follow.  Something tells me that one day she will have quite a nice nest egg from which to splurge or give back.

Stingy?  Maybe, but I think the world can take more of that than the bankrupt star that once was.  Hats off to Lady Gaga!

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