Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frugal Toddler Bed

Earlier this year our son, who was 3, declared it time to say good-bye to his crib.  But a regular bed was not an option...simply too high.  While we gave him time to adjust to not sleeping in a crib, we've found a frugal interim.  We put his crib mattress on the floor.  The nights he rolls out of bed, he has 1 inch to hit the floor.  Any higher and we would have needed to buy some sort of bed rail.  No my son is short, so the crib mattress is getting more longevity for kids who will one day top 6 feet.  A "toddler bed" is not in his future.  Instead we are considering a basic futon.  It will still be low to the ground, but offer more room and better support for his back.  And, I doubt that sheets and bedding for futons will be dominated by Disney products.  Finally, once he is ready for a regular bed, the futon can be incorporated into his room or passed on to his little sister.

Here is a photo of exactly what I have in mind to purchase for him....except it will be purple, his favorite color.
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  1. this is a great idea. where are you gonna buy it at?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will check with Affordable Furniture on the east side of Madison; we've bought a lot from them. I also plan to wait closer to college move in time, thinking we'll find a good sale to piggy back on. Stay tuned for more updates in August.

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