Thursday, April 19, 2012

Half-Pint Resale 2012

Monday's local paper had a story on the local Half-Pint Resale event, which is scheduled for this coming weekend.  This year the sale moves to McFarland, where it will be in a larger venue.  A change in thinking from "used is for the poor" to "used is a great way to recycle" is a driving force behind the increased number of shoppers.

Reuse is great!  Ninety-eight percent of my kids clothes and toys are used.  Why spend money on things they'll outgrow?  And we've translated the savings into well funded college accounts for both kids.  But I fear we are the exception.  Resale is great, but beware.  Low prices should not give way to spending without thought.  Or worse, it was so cheap I just couldn't pass it up.  My experience is less is more with kids.  Fewer clothes and toys means less clutter, and more enjoyment and value experienced by the child.  Save money, but don't go nuts.

Saving is not fun.  Friends and family will not oohhh and ahhh over balance sheets the same way they will over cute clothes and toys.  But savings can be powerful.  Here are a few ways to make saved dollars from resale events (this could be profits from those selling) go farther:

  • pay down debt;
  • build an emergency fund to cover 6 to 9 months of living expenses;
  • save money for retirement (Roth's are great if you think you'll be at a higher tax level later in life)
  • save money for college/higher education; or
  • save money for a large now instead of paying it off over several years.
Happy shopping, and I hope you find some nice bargains. 

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