Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspired by Washed Ashore

Recently I learned about an effort called Washed Ashore, which aims to educate people marine debris through art.  The art is made from items washed ashore.  The pieces are amazing, the debris shocking.  The web site inspires me to 1) reduce my use of throw away plastics, 2) increase my efforts to reuse those plastics that do find their way into my life, and 3) try my own Midwestern version with my kids.

If you are looking to keep plastics out of marine life, consider these steps:

  • carry cloth bags in your car -- use them instead of plastic bags from stores;
  • find a recycling center for plastic bags (here in Madison they can be included with curb pick up, elsewhere you can find collection containers in many stores);
  • eat home cooked food instead of take-out;
  • buy in bulk;
  • if you have take-out, clean and save the containers for brown bag lunch or sending leftovers home with dinner guests (that way your "good" containers don't migrate from your stash);
  • pass along old plastic containers to families with kids or organizations that serve kids -- they are great for dumping, collecting, molding, etc.; and
  • find ways to incorporate old plastic into sun catchers, bird feeders, holiday ornaments, etc.

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