Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Water Down the Drain?

April showers bring May flowers! That is the phrase I planned to write, and then Spring arrived in Wisconsin in March.  Go figure!  I'm happy to be out in the yard, doing things that I hope will bring about a nice garden.  But I'm also eager to stay frugal.

Late last summer I read a wonderful book, Suddenly Frugal by Leah Ingram, and noted a great source for free water for the garden....the dehumidifier! Up until now we've been putting water down the drain, literally. We have a hose connected to the basement humidifier that drains into the basement floor. Leah encourages you to stop the drain, let the water collect, and use it to water plants. Take the water from your air, nurture a vegetable garden, and save resources. What a great way to welcome Spring.

I love this idea, but in practice it probably won't work for me.  Our dehumidifier fills up quickly.  So quickly that it will make it hard for me to monitor it and empty it.  Once my children are older, I might follow this method.  For now I am setting my sights on a rain barrel installation.  Set up next to the future location of my potted garden.  That is my dream for this garden season.  What is yours?

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