Monday, May 14, 2012

Freezer Report: Farmers' Market Finds

Once again my weekend agenda included a Sunday morning stop at our local farmers' market.  Living in the heart of the Midwest can sometimes lead to a lack of things, but amazing locally grown foods are not!  Still in Spring the pickings for freezer fare a bit short.  Determined to find something, I did.  And thanks to googling "how to freeze chives", I now have 9 packs of individual portions of chopped chives.  They'll be retrieved this winter to add a nice flavor to soups and eggs.

However, the primary focus of this past weeks farmers' market trek requires delayed freezer satisfaction.  We bought garden plants!  With two children still in diapers (which we hope to end this summer) and a part-time legal practice, I am not a backyard farmer.  But I do want to encourage my kids to eat healthy foods and spark their curiosity about bugs and plants.  Plus, the delight of eating a tomato plucked off a plant is pure joy.  To make it manageable, we have a container garden.  This year we have:

  • 3 types of tomatoes;
  • 2 pepper plants;
  • 1 cantaloupe; and
  • 1 summer squash.
  • I also added some cilantro seeds to a pot (not from the market).
If all goes well, later this summer we'll enjoy food off the vine and tuck some away in the freezer.  Our plan is to also install a water barrel next to the garden spot.  It should be a project we tackle in June.

Author's photo of 2012 container garden.  Pots were all reused from last year.  Purchases included: 3 bags of mulch ($12); plants ($20) and dirt ($8)

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