Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Frugal Clothes, An Art Form?

Recently I read an article by Chris Martell of the Wisconsin State Journal.  The title caught my attention, but was not what I expected.  Dressing, An Art Form highlighted the shopping habits of a local women who has spent 20 years building a wardrobe from thrift stores.  The bulk of the article focuses on the great finds Robin Pettersen has made over the years.  Name brands for very few dollars.  It also offers a few other tips on having an artistic wardrobe without breaking the bank:

  • buy basic colors and add fabric, scarves, or accessories; and
  • trade with frugal friends who wear the same size.
The last idea sounds ideal if you have a fancy event to attend, and do not usually attend fancy events.  Reading this article made me smile, I am not alone in my love of thrift.  I choose to frequent Goodwill, Savers, St. Vincent de Paul, and Hopsice Resale, it is not a necessity.  Not only do I save money, I give clothes a second life, keep my carbon footprint small, and am now raising two children who think it is normal to shop at thrift stores.  In terms of my favorite find, it was the dove gray Anne Taylor pant suit I found at the eastside Goodwill for $15.99.  It is now in circulation as it didn't fit quite right after having two kids.  What is your favorite thrift score?

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