Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frugal Dogs

If you're frugal, you likely have a well-worn library card.  Why?  You can check out endless books for no cost, of a small cost if you generate late fees.  And we are a frugal, library loving family, so much so the volunteer in the childrens' section commented on being happy to watch my children grow.  And on one of our recent trips, we picked up a great photo book, Shelter Puppies by Michael Kloth.  My almost 2 year old daughter loves all animals, but dogs top her list.  The book was a must get, and offers delightful images of some of the cutest dogs I've seen in recent years.  Winston became a fast favorite of ours.

So why is this worthy of a blog post?  It's Spring.  It is puppy season for many families, and I highly encourage you to give serious consideration to adopting a puppy, or more mature dog, from a shelter or animal rescue.  Growing up all of our family dogs came from the "pound" and one was a stray we took in.  Years of loving companionship followed.  And no one forked over hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a dog.

Yes, according to this Forbes article, a pure bred dog can run you between $500 and $3,000.  The article devotes its time to discussing the benefits of high-end breeders over backyard breeders; you'll save more in the long run if you pay for a quality dog and avoid an animal that needs double hip surgery because of poor breeding.

If you want a four legged companion, one who slobbers and scrambles to the door when you return home, check out your local shelter.  Sure, there will be dogs that don't fit into your life (a.k.a. the pit bull), but there are countless others that need a loving home.  This point is driven home by the endearing photos in Kloth's book.  Other frugal advantages:

  • the adoption fee is usually less than $100;
  • you may be able to pay no fee at all; and
  • mature dogs will likely be spayed or neutered, saving you over $100.

As for us, we are still a 2 cat home.  My husband is less than thrilled with the idea of a dog.  I adore them, and am waiting patiently until my daughter is older.  She'll want one, and I can already tell that my husband will grant her her wish.  All in good time, and I guarantee that little puppy will come via a shelter of the Dane County Humane Society.

Have you rescued a dog from a shelter?  Share your story, and help motivate others to do the same!

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