Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frugal Kid Summer Hat

When it comes to well-baby / well-kid checks, some things remain constant.  For example, my kids have big heads, really big.  They are both in the 98 percentile, meaning out of 100 kids 97 would have heads smaller than my kids.  This means that standard hats are not easy to find.

A post on Facebook about this challenge yielded recommendations for One Step Ahead as well as Lands Ends.  Both offer hats sized for your child's head.  I didn't even go on-line to price them; I knew it would be more than I wanted to pay for an item that has a 98% chance of being lost, dropped, thrown, or otherwise encouraged to leave our possession.  Another person on Facebook recommended fishing hats.  Yes, that seems ideal.  But where does one acquire a fishing hat?  Target didn't offer them.....and then I hit the mother-load at Savers.  Problem solved.  For $1.99 my son now has a floppy hat (adult) from the Chicago Zoo and my daughter has a cute straw hat (again from the adult section).  The purchase was inexpensive, proceeds help the Easter Seals organization, and I won't be upset when they are lost in the chaos that are our outdoor adventures.

Recently I did check out One Step Ahead and discovered that the prices are not that bad; some are less than $5 if on sale.  I don't know who shipping might cost.  I will keep it in mind, but my trips to Savers will always keep an eye out for head gear.

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