Friday, May 11, 2012

"Frugal" Should Not Be A Four-Letter Word!

Frugal should not be a four-letter word, but it is.  Admit it, if you read this blog chances are someone as called you frugal, and there was a hint of disdain in their voice.  And yesterday's guest blog post was written by a loyal reader who likes Frugal Upside because it makes her feel better about maximizing the utility of items.  Why should she feel bad about that?  Frugal is defined as "economical in use or expenditure".  How, you may wonder, is this a negative thing given the economy's desperate climb towards growth?  Here is how.

Stores want you to spend.  They want you to spend whether or not you should be spending.  A recent radio ad underscores this point.  Using Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, Kohl's Department stores runs an ad where the skier describes the thrill and rush of enjoyment that comes from ...... shopping at Kohl's.  The first time I heard that ad I turned my head in puzzlement;  ummmmm, not all women are shoppers!  Some actually experience that same thrill when executing a skill; practicing law, writing, farming, skiing.  Enough already!  Can we please stop with the "born to shop" stereotypes that consume the American female culture.  And my next point shows why I am not over reacting to the ad.

May 2nd I read a press release that seemed as though it belonged in The Onion, not the local paper.  Apparently our nation now has a debt inequality problem.    They lead off with "the rich are getting richer and everyone else is going deeper into debt trying to keep up!"  Stop trying to keep up America!  Take charge of your life; you can control the level of debt you take on.

And before you label me as anti-corporation, I will remind you that our retirement and college funds are invested in the market.  It is possible to live frugally, participate (to some degree) in corporate America, and not drown in debt.  How? keep reading my blog about the Upside of Frugal.  I'll be back Monday with my weekly Freezer report.

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