Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Post: Cutting Laundry Costs by Tamarine Cornelius

Today's frugal post is compliments of a loyal reader.  Thanks for the suggestion, and for challenging me on my frugal ways.  If you are a reader, feel free to submit a question or idea for a guest post.

Cutting Laundry Costs
by Tamarine Cornelius

I come from a long line of frugal women. My grandmother’s highest praise was to call someone “thrifty,” and my mother made us reuse dental floss several times before allowing us to throw it away.  Those frugal genes got passed down to me. That’s why I enjoy reading The Upside of Frugal  -- it gives me reinforcement that it’s okay to use a teabag 87 times before throwing it away. Maybe even 88 times if you squeeeeeze the teabag really hard.

So I was amazed that when a reference came up to hanging clothes on a clothesline to dry, Melinda dismissed the idea as “Amish.” Well! I put on my apron and hitched up the horses to come over to tell how wrong she was.  Turns out that Melinda actually does hang her clothes to dry, just prefers to do it inside because of allergies (clothes hung outside return with all sorts of allergens). But she kindly allowed me to sing the praises of the lowly clothesline on her blog.

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Hanging your clothes to dry saves money, plain and simple. I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation and it turns out we save about $100 per year by hanging our clothes year round, either outside or in the basement. That may not seem like a lot, but it can pay for three family dinners at a restaurant.  We hang the vast majority of our laundry to dry and only use the clothes dryer a couple times a year. In fact, I’ve got a load in the washer right now that I’m going to hang to dry – right after I finish churning this butter.

Tamarine lets the ideal prevent the necessary at her Midwest Potato blog.

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  1. Great post! Every cent counts!!

    Melinda, wondering if you would like to accept a guest post from me? I have so many frugal tips that I would like to share on your site! - let me know!