Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inexpensive Nursery Decor Options

As of 2011, it was reported that the average cost of raising a child to age 18 (note, that does not include the cost of college) was just shy of $227,000 per child.  Nearly 50 percent of the cost was attributed to housing and food costs, which are hard to control.  But in my mind, every penny saved makes a difference.  Here is how our frugal household tried to keep that cost down when putting together the nursery for our infant daughter.

Image taken by author, done in an effort to share the room decor and to attempt to wake the baby in the crib - look closely, she's there.

  1. Use a general theme that picks itself for you.  Instead of deciding on ferries and then going shopping, go shopping and let the deals dictate the them.  My daughter's theme was butterflies, and was determined by the four Anne Gette's framed photos of babies and butterflies I found at Savers.  Total cost, $4.
  2. Mine the internet for lighting deals.  Soft lighting is a great feature of a child's room, and I found wonderful Japanese lantern lights on-line.  Total cost, less than $5 with shipping.  These lights (featured below) are easy to find, weight very little making shipping cheap (and free if you use Amazon Prime), come in an endless selection of colors, and will merge into a toddler room when needed.
  3. Reuse items from your pre-child life.  Adorning the one wall of my daughter's room is a print I bought many years ago while traveling in Paris.  It is cheerful and bright as well as a great conversation piece for those moment when we hang out on the floor and bond.
  4. Think beyond baby.  Believe it our not, soon your little bundle of joy will sit up, crawl, stand, speak, and before you know it request not to have your arm around their waist while riding the zoo carousel (as my almost 4 year old requested earlier this week).  Select items that will grow with your child.  When I opted for butterflies, I remember the butterfly wings sold at our zoo.  The cost was $25.  At the moment they serve as a great wall hanging.  In the future they will be removed, washed, and used for dress up and at least one Halloween costume.  The wings have arm bands can be worn.  From wall hanging to Halloween costume....great value.  Plus, the purchase helped our local, free zoo.
  5. Keep it simple.  The more you pack into that room, the more you'll have to pick up, organize, and mediate fights over (if a sibling is or will come into the picture).  Trust me, more is less is so many ways.
  6. Create your own mobile with a photo hanging mobile.  Ours is simple metal holder, with clips for photos.  Currently those clips hold little foam cut outs with butterfly stickers (created by my mom).  As we approach the end of her baby years it will be taken down, and can be used in her room to hold  photos or another part of our house where we want pictures.  Reuse, I love it!
Image taken by author: shown is butterfly hanging and France poster.

Did I miss a frugal method you used when setting up for baby?  Please share!

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